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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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lecomte almost had it stolen. back from jones. long three-pointer fouled on the three-point shot by jones. >> mike: rick pitino irate at chris jones not just the foul but on the three-point shot. >> tom: look where he took it from the orange part of the u. >> mike: you make all three of these turns it in a two possession game. >> tom: that is the first point of the night for manu lecomte. he is one of the better free-throw shooters in the conference, 88% for manu.
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one more, 16.4 seconds to go. now newton comes back in. manu lecomte comes out. the first three points of the game for manu. that was newton hustling over. >> mike: he was running away from the basketball that time. you have to come strong to the ball. rick pitino wants everybody on the same page. >> tom: the cardinals with the six point lead, the road in the acc gets no easier for louisville. virginia with the great win on the road, first since 1981 at north carolina last night. >> mike: virginia bouncing back suffering
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duke with a great win on the road and bounce back and come back on the road and get it back. shows a lot about that team. >> tom: chris jones did commit the foul but he has 14 points tonight including a three-pointer in the first half. in fact louisville made one three in the second half that by terry rozier but he has 22 points and leads all scorers. jekiri guards the inbounds. looks like mcclellan may have gotten a piece of jones. so barring a minor miracle for jim larranaga and the 'canes, they will have lost three in a row this is what lies ahead
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home game against clemson, and then on the road wake forest and boston college. >> mike: clemson beat syracuse at home. >> tom: also a great win at pittsburgh, too. that is not an easy place to win at the petersen events center. jones continues to float the free-throws in.r of five on the night and 15 points, chris jones cruz uceda no. 33, back in for miami. anton gill for the first time tonight. >> mike: trying to match up against the smaller players on the floor. >> tom: if louisville hangs on the fourth straight win of the series. the first meeting since '06 between the teams jones, 16 points. made the last four free-throws, critical
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ones. final 8 seconds. not enough time for the 'canes that was blackshear coming over the top for the foul. >> mike: you could see the frustration on rick pitino's face. >> tom: getting a few more grays over there. >> mike: the whole building can hear him barking at his team right now. he wants to be on the bus by now. still has 7.6 to go and sherman at the free-throw line. omar sherman his 16th attempt from the line this season, 11th make. >> mike: we showed the standings, tom one of the things that all of those top teams have of our excellent road records and that is where you win this league is on the road. you protect home court but you win it on the road. >> tom: louisville 4-1 away from louisville, kentucky and 3-1 in the
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conference. on the road. joe thomas picked up the foul. we'll walk to the other end. the night from that guy what he has shown bottom line to me, g-man, is the heart of a warrior. twice he went down and stayed down, the first time he popped up and ran to the huddle, second time to the dressing room and ran out of the tunnel and back in the game. >> mike: that time spent in the dressing room was the only time that he was out of the game. he'll wind up playing 39 minutes. >> tom: certainly was an exciting night here at bankunited center. we commend all the student athletes for their efforts. >> mike: i go back to the first half, louisville was really able to come in run their offense and establish themselves and get in a good rhythm. >> tom: they shot close to 70% in the first half, that helped them.
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that's now 18 points for harrell. and he has not gotten that 10th rebound so he'll fall shy of a double-double. miami will fall shy of the victory rick pitino and the number 9 louisville cardinals come to coral gables and get the win 63-55. great effort by the cards tonight and by the 'canes too. >> mike: impressive win we talked about it, thought defensively that would be it but they really shot the ball well in the first half. >> tom: highlights must see moments check out next telecast saturday at 3:00. for mile gminski i'm tom werme. you've been watching coverage of the atlantic coast conference on the acc network exclusive production of raycom sports.
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>> breaking news, no charges filed. prosecutors releasing the man accused of stuffing a mutilated body in a suitcase. >> i heard booms
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a witness talks about the deadly shooting of a bay area rapper. what happened. >> and a booming bay area economy. you'll get benefits. >> the deadline passed and prosecutors are not charging this man. police detained him in connection with a headless body found in a suitcase. today sh they ran out of time to press charges. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> let's go to carolyn tyler. >> the district atto says key facts are unknown including the cause of death and who the victim is. so they don't have enough evidence to charge him.
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his attorney says his client is relieved and expects to be released tonight >> the authorities have 48 hours to investigate and bring the person to court. >> he client can go free and might return to this apartment. >> i'm praying for him. if all will turn out right. iet was here on friday police arrested his go friend mark andres on suspicion of murder the 59-year-old as expected of murdering a person. other body parts were found nearby. this video obtained by abc7 news s him lugging a suitcase down the street. >> did he have it in hand?
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>> i don't know. >> the san francisco chronicle says investigators believe may be the victim. >> are you for two years the guy? >> police tell us that is speculation >> there have been inquiries around country from concerned family members and friends worried this person could be a loved one. >> police and medical examer are trying to figure out the cause of death, murder weapon. the police chief says he's sure investigators have been retracing steps and once released will keep tabs on him. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> two people died in police shootings in two cities this
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afternoon. sky 7 where police shot and killed a wm suspected of stealing something today employees said she had a gun. officers confronted her in oakland and shot her. police and district attorney >> in antioch, contra costa >> the deputy says the man came at him with a weapon. >> police in mountain view want help identified a man they believe is connected to a deadly shooting. investigators released these sketches of a man. one shows with hair, the other without. and an orinda man died during
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the wiz khalifa concert. >> friends and fans mourning the loss of a well known oakland rapper. he was shot and killed as his career was really taking off. abc7 news is live in emeryville tonight. laura? >> well this is where his manager told us he preferred to spend time, long hours in the studio. today, it has become a place where those who knew him have come to remember him. >> it's unbelievable. still numb. don't know how to feel. >> for the long time manager of the well known bay area rapper guned down the artist spent many hours here in this study
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over the past decade recording music heard around the world. his real name was dominic newton. >> in music he was so honest. he gave everybody, everything. if you didn't meet him, you might know he was a humble and caring person. . >> i heard a lot of boom boom. >> six shots is what the neighbor told us she heard and sounded like it was close. >> it's sad people are taking guns and shooting and shooting. when there is someone so good. >> newton got his start in the early 1990s as a member of a group and became a solo artist about ten years later. >> he is always smiling and willing to give you something. so many rappers got verses from him. he was a good, fair, honest man.
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>> today dozens stopped by to pay respects in a sidewalk memorial. >> with fans and family and friends are here as well. he set up a lot of things and started a lot of careers. i know he'd want to see that carried on, becoming about something bigger than what it is today. >> investigators say they're asking for witnesses or anyone with tips to contact police. >> with the murder rate on track to double last year's, san francisco's mayor went to one of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the violence. mayor ed lee gathered at the set up for maria souza the mother killed by a stray bullet in front of her husband and
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children. they want to play a bigger part in ending violence in their neighborhood. >> so making sure the community has opportunities and resources on front lines for organizations and people know what is going on to work with these young men and women. >> the prayer promises to focus more city resources and more teenagers in his summer jobs program. people displaced by fire in the mission district received more bad news a engineer said there is damage and it would be unsafe to go inside. we're live with the latest tonight. leanne. >> well we're here because there is a lot of talk about that fire today. the supervisor looking for hearings and a spokesperson for the fire department says the
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estimated damage following the fire is $8.6 million. karen broke down after being told she's not allowed to enter the building. there are years of art work inside of the studio. >> the work from my life. i'm 73. drawings from high school. works from college all of my items. >> inspections confirmed there is significant damage. now, an engineering company must come up with a decision to make the building safe. >> he said the city gave us only 15 minutes and now, the owner. 39 residents are staying at this shelter in the mission owned by the salvation army. one resident was taken to the
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hospital and says it's hard to sleep in this shelter. >> everything is gone. 70 years old not easy. >> today a nonprofit group brought new pillows for those displaced. >> there is a lot of fear about what the next step is. we're trying to do our part. so you can't fix that. we can give them something good today. >> the chief says the fire started on the third floor and appears there is no foul play involved today, he acknowledged a young boy's actions by breaking a window, and tossed his dog and jumped and landed on top of an awning. >> i'm proud of myself. i think everybody helped each
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other. yeah. we're grateful. >> his dog wasn't there to share in the glory. there are no dogs allowed in city hall. a group of women may have struck again this morning. they say four young women entered dsw store, grabbed seven pairs of pricey athletic shoes and ran out of the store. and police are investigating if this is the work of a group of women dressed in clothing who robbed other stores. >> a community coalition wants to stop a development cold unless they get something in return from a developer.
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chris nguyen is live with the story. chris? >> the session began 30 minutes ago. dozens of people have wanted to make sure the project is working and supporters believe it's in the communities' best interest. >> this equipment is a simple sign of things still to come. >> for winston leon the progress, he says has been decades in the making. >> i don't mind interruptions. as long as they're okay, i'm okay. >> he opened his business in
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1985. he plans to retire but isn't sure when. >> he's excited for what is on tap. a site including 4,000 housing units, 12,000 jobs as well as retail shopping and entertainment centered around the bart station. >> to build a transit oriented jobs center is why we think this is special. >> we need help with housing and protection. >> members of the rise fremont coalition wants to include more housing which covers nearly 100 acres and points out they've
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agreed to play for a site to help fund costs of building additions to nearly schools. city council members will arrive sometime in march. >> a study confirms traffic is a pain around here, but why it's easier to navigate here than other big cities. >> oceans struggling to breathe. oxygen drops to dangerous levels what is the problem? is it too late to reverse? >> you've probably heard about the atmospheric river. it's likely to bring us rain. >> and dan noyes investigates the problems and he's going to show why it's failing a little later in the my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because i couldn't afford it. my daughter depends on me, so it's very important that i stay healthy. now that i have health insurance, i can take care of myself and my family.
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i was a little bit concerned about my health. i was very happy to make my first doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help go to does the bay area need to rename silicon valley?
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tech companies have been making a slow migration and now, the san francisco, and with the jobs there are problems. >> job growth has been phenomenal here in the bay area. silicon valley added 58,000 jobs last year san francisco, 18,000. and >> computers feel the pain with the boom. 119,000 jobs added in the past year companies are expanding and ready to tb approved last year. 9 million square feet is
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convinced it will be local government that will have to solve gridlock. >> city council and also mayor. these are the ones going to be generating solutions for our day. >> the boom, five years in the making has one achilles heel. it's becoming a hardship to find housing in the bay area. >> rents have gone up so much. and people making a decent living spend half income on rent. that squeezes everything out. >> the foot print of silicon valley is expanding with san francisco taking a crown if several areas. angel investment tops by $400 million and san francisco has a younger work force in that prime
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prakit. >> it's just a foot print widening. >> do we need a new name? >> we do. bay area is good name. >> silicon valley sports a gap. >> there is probably a significant affect on that percentage. >> californias met a call to use less water. but, in december, may have helped residents conserve water. >> there is no question it's a wet december to people saving water but that meant they turned off sprinklers. >> the governor asked for reduction in water use when
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declaring a state of emergency because of the drought. officials urged everyone to keep sierra nevada snow pack is 88% below normal. ien credible change seems to be going on almost undedetectivable. researchers believe the chemistry of the ocean is changing. >> you might think of this as a liability. climate change in broadening forms. >> this is a fundamental change. we're committed to a low oxen ocean in the future. >> one researcher says don't
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shoot the messener. >> in less than a generation california fisheries could change, or cease to exist if oxygen-depleted water moves in. there are indications it's begun near here. >> means we're losing habitats. >> dr. moffett's work confirms other studies she took core samples and studied the fossil record. >> and now, she sees accelerating and man made
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conditions. >> people who fish eat fish, all of those people have a stake in this story. >> think of it as a warning shot from a researcher who sees our oceans more clearly than most of us. >> that is disturbing. >> we do have change that is welcome. increasing clouds around most of the day. it's et bright and sunny as well. upper 50s to low 06s around the bay area. here is a nice view looking over the bay. these are the rain arrives on
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thursday, then that will continue into the weekend. at the moment rain is not reaching us because we've got a ridge of high pressure slowing movement of the next storm. let's take a look at this atmospheric trail of moisture, lots of moisture. with storms that will shift south ward into southern california. so let's start at 5:00 thursday morning. first signs of rain developing becoming more wide spread but still just a north bay event on thursday. friday rain stalls and again, through friday, rain in the
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north bay and continuing into other parts of the bay area. by sunday rainfall totals 2 to 4 inches from the second storm. so a significant rain is coming into our direction. overnight, low temperatures mid to upper 40s. tomorrow high temperatures low to mid-50s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain arrives again, periods of rain and tapering off to just showers monday. it will be a good soaking for the north bay.
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and it looks like this is the pattern we're going to have now. >> santa clara's chief of police got back from a work trip to the super bowl. >> what he learned in arizona on how what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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we know traffic is bad in the bay area but at least it's predictable. a new study says the bay area has the third worst traffic congestion only trailing los angeles and houston. >> that commute from monty view takes about 30 minutes the same.
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>> you have a problem at your boyfriend's house? he has a hard time getting to work sth >> he's stuck in traffic constantly. >> ten minute ride turns into? >> 30 minutes >> according to mtc, the longest drives under contra costa county. >> the police chief says he learned and observed a lot visiting ghend yale arizona and looking forward to hosting super bowl 50 next year. he says they were able to find out worked well and what needed improvement. he says they've been planning for a while now and says it will take a massive team effort. . >> i think partnerships created will help us tremendously the collaboration between all federal, state and local agencies working together and making it a successful event.
7:37 pm
>> super bowl 50 set for february 7th next year with a week's worth of events in san francisco, santa clara as well as wine country. >> still to come here president obama responds after a soldier from a ally is burned to death by isis. >> and a family feud over the estate of robin williams the claim his widow is making against his children. >> and michael finney explains bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities.
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i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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>> in developing news out of new york. at least five passengers are dead after a crowded new york city train hit a vehicle on the tracks the driver of the vehicle also died the crash caused a fire that burned the lead car in the train. this happened just north of white plains new york. a dozen passengers are hurt and some 750 people were on board when this happened. >> jordanian officials are vowing revenge over the death of a pilot executed by islamic
7:41 pm
state extremists. king abdullah met with president obama at the white house after jordan's military officially confirmed the pilot was seen being burned to death on a video. >> i think we'll redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. >> the execution prompted angry protests tonight the u.s. embassy is asking americans to defer any nonessential travel to the country. >> robin williams's widow is in a disagreement over his estate. susan williams claims her stepfather took some of his items without asking. asking to exclude contents of
7:42 pm
the tiburon home from the state test. his trust says memorabilia and photos should go to his kids upon his death. >> i need to emphasize what is at stake here is a bucket of water from a lake of the total assets of robin williams' live and estimate. >> susan williams attorney says because of the amount of gray area of bem meala, his client just wants clarification. a hearing on the issue is scheduled for late march. >> employees in a health center in alameda have come to the i team for help >> the federal government is threatening to pull funding because of long-running problems >> dan noyes has been investigating and joins with us a story here on abc7 news. >> this clinic treats people who would not have health care other wise the number of patients plummeted
7:43 pm
from 20,000 to about 5,000 and if no changes are made fast the doors can close, forever the health council runs seven sites, promoting health care dental, radiology, pediatrics as well as substance abuse and mental health counselling, adult day care, and more. >> it's providing care to the african american community. >> it's also serving an increasing latino population. west oakland health is funded by alameda county, medicare, medicaid and grants from the federal government. but there is a problem. >> issue now is that there is a crisis. employees are concerned and post signs asking what is going on? we want to know and save this clinic. >> what is going to happen with
7:44 pm
me? my family? how can i accept or have any kind of medical resources? >> working and trying to correct deficiencies identified by hrsa. >> hrsa has provided about $24 million to west oakland health since 2008. but, for the past few years hrsa auditors found problems. in the last visit west oakland did not meet 15 of 19 program requirements. including accessible hours of operation location, quality improvement plan financial management and control policies, billing and collections and program data reporting systems. hrsa announced they'd stop funding at the end of the month, then decided to give the clinic one more year. >> this action is very rare. >> the man who run it for the past decade told me he doesn't like being told what to do.
7:45 pm
the 80-year-old dr. robert cooper blamed hrsa for problems >> mistakes were made not necessarily by us but the oversight. >> no chief financial officer or chief operating officer and dr. cooper serves as both executive director and medical director. and they recommend hiring a new position. >> yes or no? are you going to do that? >> i ask the question, it's uncertain whether i will, or not. >> members of the board tried to place cooper on paid administrative lead so they can resolve deficiencies and
7:46 pm
determine a plan. one believes dr. cooper is behind the power play. >> this is no personal thing. i just think it's time where you're no longer effective. >> what keeps you coming back here every day? >> we do what we enjoy doing. i enjoy working. >> the head of health care services tells me cooper knows he has to retire, soon. if doctor and staff were unprepared demands that came with the reform. >> west oakland has been in a important position and during that moment unfortunately fewer patients have been seen. >> cooper claims the number plummeted because of electronic record keeping the doctor tells me he'll be there to get the center in order before passing rings to someone
7:47 pm
else. >> will they be imperfect? certainly are we better that be in the past? yes. >> we hope he can turn the center around before hrsa pulls funding. this year the total is about $3.4 million. i'm posting a report on abc7 you can leave me a tip there or by calling 888-40, i team. >> a lot riding for a lot of people. >> thousands of people. they tell me they're just so nervous about this. >> keep us up to date. >> home prices aren't the only thing shoot in the roof in the bay area so are rents see what we found when we took a tour to see what you can get for the money. why prices continue to climb. how long is it going to last?
7:48 pm
i don't know. right now will see any stop in sight. >> tune in tonight to see just how high rents have climbed on abc7 news at 11:00. >> tonight's money matters, stock skyrocketed today dow jumped 305 points and s and p rose 29 points. analysts believe it was triggered by the global central bank cutting loan prices. auto analysts believe low credit ratings and gas prices helped boost sales and jp morgan will pay a settlement that resolves a claim that bear sterns misled investors when i sold mortgage securities. >> just ahead at 6:00, internet could be named a utility by
7:49 pm
federal regulators. >> what that could mean for your home's
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7:51 pm
>> michael finney joins us for these accusations. >> retailers accused of selling supplement was misleading labels are walgreens target and gmc. 80% of the results concluded the store brand did not contain what is on the label.
7:52 pm
gnc says the test may not be appropriate for products and target says it's committed to providing high quality and safe products and wall streens is in the process of removing the product. >> federal regulators reached a deal with a company that wants to buy critical condition thein college. students who took out high-cost loans will get 40% on those loans. in addition must end threats of a lawsuit and debt collection practices >> chairman of the communications is -- to tighten restrictions on brand band services arcs louing fcc to ban
7:53 pm
internet service providers by discriminating by slowing down some traffic and speeding up others. to see my report select 7 on your side. >> good information, thank you. >> coming up next, not the usual tuesday of this school. >> no. how one game show energized for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas
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a redwood city teacher will appear on a special series on "jeopardy". >> lidia kauffman is a contestant in a teacher's tournament. >> she says she's been applying to be on jeopardy for years and is happy she never gave up. >> keep trying because i tried out multiple times before it worked out for me. >> the winner will walk away with $100,000.
7:57 pm
>> go, lidia. >> yes. good luck. >> we're getting more rain. >> we are. it's coming our way. clouds as you can see on live doppler 7 hd but dry for now wet later. central sierra is just a pitiful scene here. just spotty, light snow. so look for partly cloudy skies and mild conditions.
7:58 pm
here is the accu-weather forecast. rain spreads to other parts on friday. periods of rain on saturday, more rain sunday four days of rainfall. >> and all right. >> you know who is not -- never? >> yes. >> very good. >> no. no. >> angry? >> showing up angry. the shock has subsided now rage has begun for sea hawk fans and being directed at one coach the man called that play in the super bowl. a few are
7:59 pm
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